Here’s How We Do Our Inbound Marketing Link Development

What is is an affordable seo service focusing on search engine marketing services for business owners looking for low priced, high quality results.

After serving more than 400 SEO packages to members of the since March of 2009, Yan Kirby, the founder of took the team of 5 into new heights by introducing search engine marketing services to local businesses. Thus, was born.

Guided by the founder’s ideals of 100% transparency, sales results-based service, and “clients first, always”
attitude, plans to keep its 98% satisfaction rate as it tries to fly new heights.


How are we able to make quality results cheaper?

To sum up everything in one line: our resources go to the things that matters most for our clients — staff we hire and the tools we use.

First off, we are based in the Philippines, the quality outsourcing capital of the world. By hiring and training college degree holders who belong to the upper 35% of their graduating class (based on GPA’s), we are able to work with fewer but more effective staff.

Secondly, we are cloud-based and paperless! Yes, our staff works in the comfort of their own home-offices with computers subsidized by the company. Our tools are usually hosted on multiple VPS’s and track projects using, again, cloud based project management software.

In the process, we are able to save on hefty monthly fixed costs while reducing Co2 emission. Its a win-win solution!


Tools we use?

As you will see in our Process Map, we invest only in time-tested quality tools like SEnuke X, Article Marketing Automation, UAW, Article Marketing Robot, Xrumer and Scrapebox.

We never cut corners and compromise any process.


Our 100% Transparency Policy Client’s Protection Program

After working in the SEO industry for more than 4 years now,’s founder made it a point to eliminate the biggest hurdle that any business owner looking for cheap seo – trust.  With us, you are protected with this policy ensuring that our system lets you know everything that is happening for your campaign.



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