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topautotransport 1024x311 Client #3:



Client description/industry:

Owning a better market exposure from the first website, the client added another notable investment for this company by creating another website that focuses on an entirely different niche market from this first site that he outsourced to us ( above)

Just like a great bedtime fairy tale story, we were able to effect a positive impact for this website as well. Reciprocating the “favor”, we were able earn another client from his enthusiastic referral. Win-win!


Number of keywords managed for the company: 

70+ and growing each month.


What made this client unique:

Well actually, this is not a unique client as he already trusted us with his company’s first one. But what made this campaign unique was the fact that we were able to establish his online market share by 30% on his second month with us.

You can’t beat that for a 4-month old site!


Percent increase in sales since working with us: 

30% increased lead generation within 60 days.


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