Social Media Management: 3 Ways to Avoid a Social Media Crisis

Feb 21

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Social media is very easy to use and everyone thinks that it is easy to go viral and achieve whatever the goal was after that. But most of us tend to forget or overlook the fact that such publicized thing can get a lot of unwanted attention just like what happened to the companies here. That’s why social media management should be an important agenda for companies that are planning to make use of social sites.

A lot of social media fail “brouhahas” had already happened especially among companies and celebrities; and be thankful it happened to them so that you can learn from it and avoid from repeating it.

Handling a social media crisis is difficult since you might deal with a worldwide shame and backlash. Once your post or tweet goes viral, it is now very difficult to stop it from spreading because even if you delete your own post, it won’t make any difference. Snapshots and other copies are already being made and shared throughout the web before you even knew it!

Nowadays, social media is beneficial for every company; it boosts their online presence and is a great tool to use for online marketing purposes. However, social media crisis can happen with just one post, one photo or video but that can be avoided in three ways.

1.) Assign a social media moderator for your social media accounts.

This is practically basic in terms of social media management. Imagine if you are getting negative feedbacks and a rolling page of agreeing comments on your social media page with no one to provide answers or words of assurance for your customer’s anger and frustration? This will ultimately affect your brand credibility and customer service quality. As much as possible, show customers that you care what they think about and that your social media page is not just some marketing ploy that is made to increase visibility and awareness. Use your social media accounts to communicate and reach out to your consumers!

2.) Orient your employees/branches about your company’s social media use.

If you are handling a business with a lot of branches and employees, it is time to provide a handbook of social media rules and guidelines. It is important to straighten out and limit the people who can have access on your social media accounts to avoid confusion and further problems. Employees on the other hand should be aware and know that posting anything harmful or shameful to the company (even if it’s outside of your company’s social media pages) will be held extremely liable. Read the social media fail cases by KFC and other known brands here and take note of some pointers!

3.) Don’t respond on impulse.

Inevitably, consumers would post negative comments regarding your products or services on your social media account. Don’t worry, every business goes through that and just be thankful that you have critics to learn and improve from.

Having negative posts on your social pages may be a bit unnerving but when you do receive one, don’t ever lose your calm! Even if the customer said inappropriate words on his or her post, take some time to reflect, consult with the owners and the employees responsible of the issues and construct a sensible response. Remember the saying that the “customer is always right”—so better apologize for any inconvenience on your part (even if you think there’s none!).

Wonder what happens if you do lose your cool with negative feedback? Read a real story here.

The most important tip to remember however is to “Think before you post”. Remember that social media is designed to be a two-way communication tool with a worldwide audience that is almost impossible to control. If you need free consultation about social media management and outreaching with affordable inbound marketing services, contact us at

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