10 Things You Need to Achieve A Successful Online Content Marketing Campaign

Feb 13

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An Online Content Marketing campaign is what almost every business is going for. More and more are realizing that providing useful content and engaging with clients online can leverage branding and bring in more leads and consequently, conversions.

Unlike traditional outbound marketing, online content marketing can be done without tapping big-conglomerate media industries and expensive ad agencies and that’s just one of its advantages. Content marketing brings clients and the brand on a closer level. People are not just a passive audience in this strategy but they are now active readers, sharers and contributors for every content—be it articles, videos or pictures.

Yet what does a business need to achieve a successful content marketing strategy?

A content marketing campaign has similar needs of that of an outbound marketing strategy but it does not need to come off expensive, several agencies may be hired but it is completely optional. A business owner (especially for a small or medium sized business) can do content marketing by his or her own yet somehow, the campaign still needs a moderator that can take care of the marketing campaign especially when the owner is far more busy with “business stuff”. Basically, here is the manpower you need to achieve a successful content marketing campaign:

1.) Blog/Copywriter- of course you need a good writer! You need someone to create articles for you and manage or moderate your blog for you.

2.) An SEO Expert- having an SEO expert is also like having a marketing research team. SEO experts make sure that your website and blog contents are “searchable” and they also make sure that you actually used the right keywords for your content. They also ensure quality link building and maintain a search-engine friendly website for you.

3.) Graphic Designer/Video Editor- aside from a writer, you must also have a good graphic designer and or video editor to make other types of content like graphics, infographics and short videos. Such content will be refreshing for most of your audience.

4.) Professional Web Designer- this may be optional but if you really love to have a top-quality website, then you might consider hiring one (they may be a bit expensive though).

5.) Social Media Moderator- of course, someone should be in charge of reaching out and interacting with your clients and audience in social media pages. A social media moderator can be in charge of building connections from social pages to increase content shares and brand awareness.

However, content marketing is not just about the type of people you need, it is also about the required skills and the level of professionalism that your team should have. Remember that anything on the World Wide Web can spread like wildfire and no one wants to get the wrong attention especially for a corporate or brand image. So here are the qualities that your content marketing team should possess.

1.) Creativity- marketing always needs creativity. You’ve got to be fresh, original and entertaining to attract more people in.

2.) Effective Communication Skills- content marketing is always about articles, videos and graphics that should communicate well with your target market. How can you hook them in if you can’t make your message clear enough?

3.) Resourcefulness- your team should know how to research and recycle ideas and represent them in a refreshing way. One just has to be resourceful when all those creative juices are gone.

4.) Public Relations Etiquette- any good or bad (especially the bad) remarks can go viral thus, in a matter of minutes; your company may be facing a PR crisis. So make sure your team can handle both positive and negative feedback well at a professional level.

5.) Patience- this is much needed from you as an employer. Understand that your team may take some time before actually getting good results. Content planning, strategy plans and execution always takes a while before it becomes successful.

So those are the 10 things you need to achieve a successful online content marketing campaign—5 skilled people with 5 desirable qualities.

Content marketing is sometimes called Inbound Marketing because of the concept of bringing people in through content and information they need not because of reaching out to them through television ads, radio ads and the like at any given time. The thing is, content marketing “knows” what people look for thus they know which content or information should be made beforehand. To know more about Inbound Marketing services, contact us at scaleupseo.com.

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