digital marketing

When Your Digital Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Work: 6 Tips to Get it Going

Feb 27

  Digital Marketing is the entire craze nowadays. It may be a haze between SEO, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing but whatever you call it, if you are marketing a product, person or service using the World Wide Web to reach Smart Phones, Mobile Devices, PCs and Laptops, then you are practically into the Digital [...]

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Inbound Marketing Infographic

What is Inbound Marketing?

Feb 25

What is Inbound Marketing? How different it is from so-called Content Marketing? Are they really even different or the same? Here’s a short infographic about Inbound Marketing and some of its advantages.   ScaleUpSEO is an affordable Inbound Marketing agency based in the Philippines which offers quality techniques and results for your digital or online [...]

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management: 3 Ways to Avoid a Social Media Crisis

Feb 21

  Social media is very easy to use and everyone thinks that it is easy to go viral and achieve whatever the goal was after that. But most of us tend to forget or overlook the fact that such publicized thing can get a lot of unwanted attention just like what happened to the companies [...]

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Online Marketing Plan

Top 3 Consumer Behaviors that Should Affect your Online Marketing Plan

Feb 16

Running a business nowadays is more exciting because consumers are not just passive about the kind of service they get. Instead, their active and outspoken behavior through comments and reviews about your business (no matter how big or small scaled it may be) matters to other people and should matter to you as the business [...]

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Content Marketing ScaleUpSEO

Why Video Marketing Should Be Included in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Feb 15

Online Marketing is usually associated with Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing along with SEO services and Social Media outreaching. And yes, it’s true that online marketing greatly involves making useful and entertaining content along with Social Media interaction to reach out to customers but most of the time, content is greatly focused just on articles. [...]

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