When Your Digital Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Work: 6 Tips to Get it Going

Feb 27

digital marketing 300x125 When Your Digital Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Work: 6 Tips to Get it Going


Digital Marketing is the entire craze nowadays. It may be a haze between SEO, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing but whatever you call it, if you are marketing a product, person or service using the World Wide Web to reach Smart Phones, Mobile Devices, PCs and Laptops, then you are practically into the Digital Marketing practice.

Digital marketing seems to be easy because everyone seems to know how to go around it but it’s not what it looks like on the surface. Yes it’s easy and usually free to post, promote or advertise whatever product or service through the Internet, but have you actually reached your ultimate goal? And by ultimate goal, it means sales or your Return of Investment (ROI).

A Digital Marketing strategy is not just about merely posting and updating your website, blog or social media account. Even though the possibility of a million people who can have access to it is always there, a sound marketing strategy and high-end targeting is still needed. With the number of websites and social sites and the number of other products and entertainment available online, how can you assure yourself that people will actually take the time to visit your domain?

Yet even with careful planning and targeting, there’s always a possibility that your implemented Digital Marketing strategy will fail or won’t turn out as expected. When your ROI cannot even reach the quota or your website traffic did not just have enough momentum for a certain period of time, then it is time to rethink and re-organize your Digital Marketing efforts.

Before organizing another Digital Marketing plan, you must ask yourself these questions to evaluate your existing campaign:

  • Is my website and its contents fully Search Engine Optimized?
  • Did I choose the right keywords for optimization?
  • Do I have high quality content that is useful for my target market?
  • Is my domain free from spam and other irrelevant links?
  • Which of my content was most popular among my visitors?
  • Did I choose the right social site to promote my enterprise?
  • Is my social media account alive with interaction?
  • Is my website available for Mobile use?
  • Did my brand connect on an emotional level with my target market?

It is important to evaluate your existing campaign first so that you will know where are the weak points and how can you improve them. Here are general tips on how to improve your existing Digital Marketing strategy.

1.) Get rid of black-hat SEO practices.

Obviously, making use of black-hat SEO techniques is a major boo. Google for one would not vote your website up if you do. So clean up those spammy links and start with new and relevant ones, improve your content and get rid of irrelevant and spammy ads on your website. It does take up a lot of time and work but it’s all going to be worth it.

2.) Keywords are crucial.

Yes, you may have well-optimized keywords but are they used by people in search queries? Remember to stick with keywords that are also comprehensible and are in layman’s term. Avoid jargons and difficult words unless it is extremely important. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to determine which keywords are most used and relevant in your niche.

3.) Your chosen Social Networking Site also matters.

Most of us think that yes, let’s make a Facebook account, Twitter account, so on and so forth because we might gain a lot of fans and followers. But it just does not work that way, your choice of Social media actually matters—why? Because in some social networking sites like Facebook, people intentionally go there to connect with friends, share photos, videos, quotes and other stuff purely for social purposes, they don’t actually go there to look for a product or service. Facebook and Twitter however are good for engagement and informative purposes but other Social sites like LinkedIn and Google Plus are more suitable ones for professional, business-like and networking purposes.

4.) Engaging and shareable content is a must.

Then again, “Content is King”—true. But no matter how good and excellent your content is, if it is not shared throughout social media pages and other sites, then it’s definitely a waste. Nowadays, Google recognizes a well-shared or well-read content as something credible and authoritative, so provide social share buttons above or underneath your content to make it easier for your readers.

social media 300x272 When Your Digital Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Work: 6 Tips to Get it Going

5.) Being ready for mobile use may “still” be optional.

Mobile accessibility is also the enthusiasm in Digital marketing for 2013. Although a lot of businesses are really going into it, don’t rush into there just yet. Study your target market first if they are indeed the group of people who are using or are going to use tablets, Smart Phones and the like. It’s also good to observe people’s consumer attitude with mobile gadgets first before jumping into the bandwagon.

mobile 300x290 When Your Digital Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Work: 6 Tips to Get it Going

6.) Improve Customer Relations.

When you are maintaining a social site or an email address as a business contact, do make sure that you hire and train the right person that should be in charge of it. People see your social media account and email address as something like your telephone number in the Yellow Pages so naturally, they will post or send queries, comments and other feedback onto those channels and of course, they are expecting an answer! Do remember that bad PR practices can go viral in a matter of hours so better be careful and handle Customer Relations professionally and seriously. Getting back to customers and possible leads in a short period of time increases your chance of making sales and will also increase consumer satisfaction.

A digital marketer can easily take down and replace an implemented strategy which is one of the advantages of digital marketing. However, don’t take for granted the few readers and followers you have on a certain page, always inform them whenever you are closing down or moving onto a new domain.

A digital marketing strategy is not just about change and remove, sometimes you just need to improve and tweak things a bit to let it work and that is actually the fun and challenging part! Do take note however that in digital marketing, knowing and evaluating its results and success needs some time so you also need to invest a lot of PATIENCE.

Undeniably, digital marketing needs a lot of help from SEO and Inbound Marketing concepts to work. If you need an all-out Inbound Marketing consultation, you can contact us at scaleupseo.com.

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